Triumph Award Enables Start of 4.7M Water and Sewer Project in Walton County

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August 21, 2019

Triumph Award Enables Start of 4.7M Water and Sewer Project in Walton County

On Friday morning, August 16th, the Triumph Gulf Coast Board held a meeting in the Walton County Freeport Board room to address projects that are currently up for funding.


That the meeting the Board addressed the Walton County Water and Sewer US331 project. Following the presentation and discussion of the project, the Board approved funding for the project in the amount of $1,742,000. The project was submitted to the Board as a joint venture among the Walton County Economic Development Alliance, Walton County and the City of DeFuniak Springs.


The over $1.7M funding from the Triumph Gulf Coast Board will be combined with a $3M match that had previously been awarded from RESTORE Act Pot 1 funding.


A main part of the project, in addition to the piping and other infrastructure, will include an $800,000 master pump station at I10 and US 331. This project is intended facilitate economic and residential growth along that corridor and strengthen the ability to bring in larger business entities in efforts to diversify the County’s economy.


“This project opens a variety of avenues for bringing quality jobs to an area for current and future residents of not only DFS but for the entire county,” said Walton County Economic Development Alliance Direct or Bill Imfeld. “In addition, this will allow us to diversity, while at the same time mirror the state of Florida’s priorities for economic growth.”


Specifically, this project will allow for the installation of the needed infrastructure to provide water and sewage service along a 4-mile corridor south on US331 from I-10.


According to District 1 Commissioner Bill Chapman, “This project will be the main and crucial piece to the beginning of the opening of the US331 corridor south from DeFuniak Springs to Freeport. I believe that it will be the leading factor in the creation of new jobs in the area in the future.”


The project will be led by Dewberry Engineering, and they will be responsible for obtaining of the permits for the project and facilitating the bidding process required for construction. Currently, this phase is on schedule and expected to be completed by the end of 2020.


“On behalf of the citizens of DeFuniak Springs, our City Council and staff I want to express our sincere thanks to an incredible team working together here in this community,” said DeFuniak Springs Mayor Bob Campbell. “This is a much needed and much appreciated boost to economic development for our community and region. I believe our City, county and region will be greatly be impacted by this project and we’ve only just begun.”


The city county and EDA will now be working with the Triumph board to develop the terms of the final contract.