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Amazing Mobile Media announces the immediate availability of their Digital Mobile Advertising/Video Wall Truck enabling local, national, and international advertisers and event production companies access to one of the brightest diverse high-resolution single or 3-sided digital video advertising mobile billboard trucks available.

When parked, this same truck morphs into a tri-folding 33’ wide x 6’ high single video wall that raises up to a top height of 17’. Within minutes it’s ready to be used as a mobile billboard, sporting event scoreboard, for video gaming tournaments, or as a concert up-stage video wall. For political rallies and other special events, we can provide both graphics & live cameras so attendees all the way in the back can see their candidate. This ‘media vehicle’ is incredibly diverse complete with some nice extras, like a video HD camera that’s great for live i-mag, a video mixer, a power distro panel, and an optional quality sound system that can be added.

When a client has to have their brand or message is a spot where there simply isn’t a billboard available, Amazing Mobile Media brings their mobile digital billboard to places like mega store parking lots, festivals, convention/expo entrance ways, and virtually anywhere traditional message boards can’t go.

Both formats, 3-sided digital mobile advertising truck or single screen, are available for both single or multi advertiser campaigns, and/or special event productions are available within a 200 mile radius of Destin Florida on the Emerald Coast of Florida's Panhandle.

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3-sided mobile digital advertising!
3-sided mobile digital advertising!
3-sided mobile digital advertising!
3-sided mobile digital advertising!
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Fold-out single billboard screen parks where needed and displays your message!
Multiple types of content can be displayed.  In this pic for Ford Motor Company, a commercial ad on the left, a logo at center, and the right side displayed a real-time Twitter feed.
Our on-board Whisperwatt Generator provides you electric with plug-in distro power where you need it.

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