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Our focus at CGI is to allocate B & C class multifamily investment opportunities with a min. of 30 units. in areas with, including, but not limited to; escalating Real GDP Growth, Job Growth, Median Income Growth, Median Home Value Growth, and Population Growth. With a decreasing unemployment and crime index rate. Included in our criteria, typically, is the ability to acquire such assets with mid-high deferred maintenance, operational insufficiencies, and mid-high modernization opportunistic components; truly value-added products where repositioning is one of our value props. Our business plan usually establishes a 3-7 year hold period, where we then refinance, or properly relinquish the asset. Our firm has four investment principles we rely on: 1. Buying Value 2. Buy Below Replacement Cost 3. Buy for Cashflow 4. Buy Great Assets in Great Locations

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