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E.O.D Extra Ordinary Delights Confections

E.O.D Extra Ordinary Delights Confections

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About Us

Handcrafted confections, including luxurious Sea Salt Caramels, multiple flavors of Fudge and many other options. E.O.D Confections make the perfect corporate gift, personal gift or simply for you because it's so delicious! The story behind the company is also a very compelling one. After serving a combined 14 years in the Navy as a Chef to the Commander of the 6th Fleet, I made a choice to change careers - and joined the Army – specifically because I wanted to be a part of the military’s most dangerous jobs…Explosive Ordinance Disposal. I was a Staff Sergeant, E.O.D Technician and Team Leader for years. Then, my life changed in an instant. On December 8th, 2011 in Afghanistan, while disarming an IED – a secondary device exploded. The blast left me blind. In 2015, meningitis (due to the previous injuries) left me completely deaf. I’m only partially deaf now, thanks to an implant. But I wasn’t happy, I had this deep desire to do more and make a bigger impact on my life. From that tragedy, I found myself back in the kitchen. I was prepping for a family holiday and began making desserts weeks ahead. That’s when McKayla first noticed it was the first time I had smiled in a long time. I have found the grit and determination to not only survive, but to thrive. I made a conscience decision to give myself and my family the best life and never looked back. I became an adaptive sports athlete, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and founder of a successful chocolate company! EOD turned into E.O.D Extra Ordinary Delights-tragedy to triumph


Sea Salt Caramel Gophers
Oh, Fudge!  PB Cream, Mint Alps and More Delectable Fudge!
Sea Salt Caramels
Luxurious Fudge
Aaron and McKayla Hale in the Kitchen

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