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Grayton Beer Brewpub


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About Us

Grayton Beer Company is pleased to announce the opening Grayton Beer Brewpub in Grayton Beach, Florida. The fully operational brewery, restaurant and bar is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner beginning at 11:00AM daily. Conveniently located in Grayton Beach, the brewery?s namesake, the Brewpub will occupy the space formerly known as Craft Bar 30A.
As the craft beer category continues to expand in popularity throughout the Southeast, Grayton Beer Company is uniquely positioned to introduce the millions of tourists that visit the Gulf Coast annually to its craft through the new Brewpub and existing Taproom. In addition to the 15+ styles of beer, Grayton Beer Brewpub will offer a varied food menu designed to highlight the freshest ingredients, 4-handle beer engine which will pump beer from casks within the Pub's cellar, crowler fills, along with wine and craft cocktails.
The Brewpub is outfitted with a 7-barrel small batch system which presents another touchpoint for the Grayton Beer Company brew team, under the direction of Brewers Tyler White and Josh Gauger, for in-depth research and development and education for both the general public and Brewpub employees all while producing creative and unique beers on a smaller system.

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