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In 1977, the citizens of Walton County expressed a desire to preserve this great heritage and to revive The Florida Chautauqua by way of an annual festival. And thus, The Chautauqua Festival, Inc. came into being, originally as an arm of the Walton County Chamber of Commerce, then becoming an independent arm of the Chamber with its own funding and responsibility. Today it is an entirely separate entity relying primarily on city, county, and state funding and contributions from individuals and businesses within the community and its environs.

This local re-emergence has continued to grow each year, and The Florida Chautauqua has become synonymous with cultural offerings in Walton County. Today it is known throughout Florida and nationally as an innovative organization which has brought the children and adults of Walton County quality educational and cultural programs, blending culture and tradition in a revival of the spirit that once made this region of Florida a pinnacle of culture.