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The Hive Creative Consulting

The Hive Creative Consulting

Marketing Firm/Web DesignEvent Production

About Us

Who we are: We are a synergy-fueled, creative services and marketing firm. For each project, we bring fresh eyes and innovative ideas to help your business hone its identity and connect to a larger audience. At The Hive Creative Consulting, we're driven by connection and relationships. Our founders, Erin Bakker and Alicia Weil, first met as non-profit volunteers, then again as freelance marketing directors. The pair continued to cultivate a growth mindset for their mutual clients and were affectionately termed ''worker bees.'' It didn't take long before Ali's bottom-line business sense and Erin's enthusiastic artistry became a dynamic all its own. The two agreed, ''We've got something here.'' That something became the foundation for The Hive Creative Consulting.

What We Do: We maximize the value of your company’s culture and unique voice within the community. That starts by sitting down and listening to the passion behind your product or service. We want to know where your business began—an idea scribbled down in a coffee house, a late night conversation with a friend, a family enterprise—and where you see it going. Once you've shared your vision with us, we tailor a plan of action to increase brand awareness, engagement, and revenue. We help business owners find their sweet spot in the market, then create an unmistakable buzz through events coordination, marketing, and business development

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